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MOTH Roving

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MOTH Roving
4 oz of MOTH Roving from our flock

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4 oz of MOTH Roving 

A unique, 100% wool  blend from our Romeldale/CVM and Gotland sheep

The fiber for this roving was grown on our small family farm, carefully skirted and then mill processed.  Each batch of roving varies in color and texture slightly because fleeces do have variations from year to year.  Therefore, each batch of roving is unique.   

Roving can occasionally have small pieces of vegetable matter missed by the washing and carding process. 

Roving is perfect for spinning, felting and crafting.  

Please note the actual color may vary slightly depending on your monitor/computer.

Additional Information

Yarn Weight N/A
Fiber Choices Wool: Gotland, Wool: Romeldale
Color Family Natural/Undyed
Color Attributes Natural/Undyed